If you have a Windows based computer, I can help! If it is a Mac, I will decline to assist.

I am available to assist you if you are experiencing malware, a balky computer or just can’t figure out how to accomplish a particular task. I can also troubleshoot and repair many aspects of your computer.

If you have bought a new computer, I can help you to make sure it is properly set up for use. If your computer has just suddenly gotten slow, or feel you need an upgrade, I can help.

Do you need to install, enhance or just troubleshoot your wireless network or devices connected to it? I can do all that too.

I generally do almost all of the work right in your home. If I am unable to get to your home, in certain cases it is necessary for me to “look” at your computer remotely. It is easy to do so using Teamviewer – below.

TeamViewer          TeamViewer

Simply click on the icon above to download and then install this free program. It will allow me to connect to your own computer so that I can see and remotely control it.There is sometimes no substitute for being able to directly operate your computer to see what is happening.

Your safety and privacy are assured. I absolutely cannot connect whenever I choose. I can only do so at your request and when you allow it. 

Below is a little gift to easily track your packages. Just click on the appropriate delivery service and enter your tracking number.


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If you need to contact me directly, just click on the mailbox to send me an email.     Email me